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A retreat from life's pressures and stress, Lux Comfort and Health therapists provide blissful massage services ranging from Swedish and sports to pre-natal, medical massage and more.

This is my calling...

Massage has immense benefits for our bodies and our minds and I truly enjoy this practice. My ideal client shares my respect and fascination for the human body and sees me as a partner in their journey of good health.

Popular Sessions


Swedish massage strokes are long and flowing with the goal of relaxing tight muscles, aiding circulation and promoting overall relaxation.


Medical massage employs deeper and more specialized techniques to help clients heal from specific injuries as well as aches and pains from overuse and postural issues.


Energy techniques engage the body's subtle energetic system in an effort to realign and to encourage balance and flow.  

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The Lux Signature Massage

75 minutes of massage therapy tailored to you and includes aromatherapy and mini-hot stone treatment: $130