Gwendolyn Guarino, LMT

Massage Therapist Couples Massage Workshop Instructor Essential Blend Sessions Guide

Gwen is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist practicing full-time since 2004.  She grew up locally and is now proud to be a part of the vibrant Troy, NY community.  She is the proprietor of Lux Comfort & Health in Troy’s historic district.

She trained at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy and has since specialized in helping her clients work through injuries and pain related both to repetitive strain and postural issues as well as accidents, surgeries and other traumatic events.  She also very much enjoys providing a good old relaxation massage.  Before becoming an LMT she earned a BA from Wesleyan University where she incorporated the study of psychology with that of alternative health concepts.  

Gwen offers Essential Blend Sessions at Lux in which small groups of friends spend time together learning about essential oils and blending their own unique scent.  

She also teaches couples to massage each other both in a group class and in private tutorials.  

Massage is Gwen’s chosen profession because she believes it has immense benefits for bodies and minds and because she truly enjoys the practice.  Her ideal client shares her respect and fascination for the human body and sees her as a partner in their journey of good health.

Becky Kendall, LMT

Massage Therapist

Becky is a graduate of both the Center for Natural Wellness and the Culinary Institute of America. She divides her time between baking cakes for weddings and special events and serving up quality Swedish, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy massage therapy here at Lux. ​She lives her life with a goal of bringing many elements into balance, like a fine souffle! Her inspiration in offering massage is to create a unique space for each client. This is your time to relax, she says, take a deep breath and focus on just one thing, yourself!

Paula Skelly

Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner and Certified Reflexologist

Paula Skelly trained at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy after years spent in the business world and homeschooling her son. She has a passion for people and is dedicated to listening to their needs and creating a unique massage session for each person she sees in her practice. Along with her Swedish and Deep Tissue massage she can integrate Reiki and Reflexology as well as hot stones and cupping.

Florence Lynds

Certified SomaEnergetics™ Vibrational Sound Practitioner

Originally from Paris, France, she left for what was supposed to be a one-year assignment in Brussels but one thing led to the next and she has never lived there since (yes, a man is involved!). She had a successful business career including several international postings that she interrupted to raise her two daughters (2nd career, the hardest!). Energy healing is Florence’s third career and an enduring passion. She has lived in the Capital District since 2012.

Florence is very excited to introduce Vibrational Sound therapy to people’s lives. Deepak Chopra said: “The body is held together by sound…” and during a typical session Florence uses the power of tuning forks to harmonize the energy in the chakra system. When our chakras are open and balanced, we are able to fully use the energy that surrounds us. We feel grounded, centered, at ease in our mind and body and full of energy. Florence’s motto: “The Universe doesn’t speak English, it speaks Frequency”!

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Kady Reverie

Intuitive Reiki Practitioner

Kady’s experiences as a private educator for children with special needs and families seeking Mindful Parenting expertise have shed light on their intuitive abilities to connect with all living beings. Kady is a parent themself and enjoys doing energy work with their daughter. Reiki has helped them face their fears and move on from traumatic situations. Kady feels called to help guide others on their journey of shedding the layers that no longer serve and stepping into their light.